We want your property to look great all season long! We try to eliminate your frustrations with proactive service! Our technicians will make at least two, service visits during the holiday season to make sure everything is in working order.


Our experienced, Christmas Decor designers evaluate and map your property, address your desires and create a Christmas lighting and decorating plan that accents the features of your business. We provide the full spectrum of decorating options so there is no limit on how you can show your Christmas spirit!

Removal and Storage

Just because the holiday season comes to an end, doesn’t mean our service does! After the holidays, we will come back and take down the decorations, label each item, and store it in our facilities. This helps ensure that the decorations custom designed for your property will be perfectly reinstalled for you next year!

christmas lighting outdoors

We Make Decorating Easy.

Christmas Decor holiday lighting installation professionals are trained to be the very best at their craft. This includes commercial Christmas decorations installed your place of business. When you use Christmas Decor  for your commercial Christmas lights installation, commercial Christmas decorations, or holiday event display services, you can be sure that your commercial Christmas decorations are installed by professionals in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Our professionals will install our premium quality lights and greenery that will keep your holiday crowds warm, fuzzy, and shopping. From mom and pop stores to entire townships our commecial Christmas display decorators have the proper knowledge and design skills to get the job done right. Call us today at (503) 799-9634 and let your business SHINE!